4 on-demand 30-minute workouts a week
 A live nutrition Q&A
24/7 support from a qualified PT
And loads more!

Become unstoppable with the Power Of Mum: a 6-week on-demand fitness programme created exclusively for mums who want to get fit and feel good about themselves.

IT'S HERE! The definitive mum-friendly fitness plan you’ve been waiting for!

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22nd July

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Had it up to here with tedious workouts and restrictive yo-yo diets that don’t fit around your busy routine as a mum?

Look no further than the Power Of Mum: a transformative six-week programme that’s packed full of unparalleled health and fitness resources that effortlessly slot into your busy lifestyle.

Delivered by Nicole Chapman, a fully qualified personal trainer, pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and mum-of-one, this programme is different from any plan you’ve been on before.

You’ll learn how to build a body you fall in love with, increase your energy so you’re fit enough to meet the demands of motherhood, and transform your physical and mental health so you can bring the best of you into each and every day – all in a way that feels empowering, not toxic!

No more endless hours of cardio or incessant calorie tracking – this programme will show you why on-demand strength workouts and a flexible approach to food are your new best friends.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, strengthen your core, build a stronger, more functional body for the future, or, simply find time to prioritise yourself, this programme was specially created with mums like you mind!

Tired of feeling unmotivated, unfit, and more stuck in a rut than ever before?

Are you ready to feel fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier than you’ve ever been without restricting yourself or spending hours at the gym?

In just six weeks…




You’ll burn fat and build muscle tone by creating a fun and flexible fitness routine – one that lets you forge a new identity outside of being a mum.

 You’ll tap into unwavering motivation that empowers you to fulfil your biggest – and most seemingly out-of-reach – health and fitness goals.

  You’ll say ‘see ya!’ to quick fixes and fad diets that only make you miserable and embrace sustainable changes that pave the way for improved physical and mental health.

*Please note you will need a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells for this programme.

You also get:

Weekly personal check-ins and goal-setting sessions that set you up for success. Learn how to set transformative goals that challenge and change you. Nicole will champion you along the way!

A live nutrition Q&A with one of the UK’s top dietitians Nichola Ludlam Raine. Pick our dietitians’ brains and learn how to fuel your body for fitness – no calorie counting or restrictive meal plans required!

Exclusive access to the Power Of Mum 24/7 WhatsApp support group where you can connect with like-minded mums who’ll keep you motivated and accountable.

4 on-demand video workouts a week (press play when YOU want to!) that feature a tried-and-true combo of high and low-impact HIIT, strength training, FAWE (holistic movement), pilates, barre and Yin yoga.

What you get…

Power Of Mum


Are you ready to join hundreds of women who have fallen in love with exercising and taking care of themselves again?

A personal cheerleader in your pocket. Nicole is just a WhatsApp away when you need advice or an extra jolt of motivation.

Knee-friendly and wrist-friendly options for every exercise. No need to worry about tight wrists or cracking knees hindering your workout – we have you covered!

Hundreds of healthy recipes on the app. Delicious and healthy meal inspo is just a few clicks away.

Bonus weeks at the end of the programme. Life gets in the way sometimes. We get it! That’s why we give you extra time to complete all your workouts if you can’t fit them into the first six weeks.


That's not all...

The results are in...

- anna brooks

Nicole’s six-week Power of Mum programme has literally changed my life! I was the biggest I’d ever been and so overwhelmed by what felt like an insurmountable amount of weight that I needed to lose for the sake of my physical and mental health.

I’d completely lost my confidence and when I had my first one-to-one video call with Nicole I cried. She was so kind and lovely and reassured me that I would be able to do the programme and get my sparkle back.She’s so supportive, she said that the programme works if you put the work in. And it does!

There is no fad dieting just 4 workouts a week for 6 weeks. I started with with a 2kg kettlebell and by the second programme I was using a 6kg kettlebell. The programme is amazing, the results speak for themselves. I love the mix of weight training and cardio and incredibly every single workout is different so you’re never bored. Nicole challenges you and believes in you. I have my sparkle back and I love feeling strong and fit and healthy again. Thank you so much Nicole - you’re the best."

"I’ve completed two programmes back to back and lost a stone on each programme. Yes, 2 stone in 12 weeks!"


I am blown away by the results in just 6 weeks, I cannot put into words the difference I feel in myself. I feel SO much fitter, stronger and healthier. I lost an incredible 19lbs and 42cm across my whole body. This programme has been the perfect tool to help me. I cannot recommend it more and Nicole is a legend. Dedicated to her clients, being there to provide support 24/7. This is just the start of my journey I have just signed up for another 6 weeks as each programme is new. 

"I lost an incredible 19lbs and 42cm across my whole body."

Maria Johnson

"I said to Nicole that I felt lost that I am unhappy but don’t know how to change it. This programme is quick easy workouts with daily support and motivation that I really needed."

"The programme is great as its designed by a mum for mums!

Lucy Coulstock

"I was shocked when I took a photo of myself after 2 weeks - I am excited to see the end result.  I feel strong and myself again."

"I wish I had started earlier. I was super unfit and now I can actually do a push up!

Lucy Taylor

My husband has noticed the biggest change in me, I have more energy, my confidence back and I am definitely happier- I felt like my mental health was starting to suffer due to my weight that I couldn’t look in the mirror anymore."

"I am not even finished yet and my mum tum that I thought was with me for life has lost inches and is actually looking toned...

More Success Stories

power of mum

This programme is for you if…

It's not for you if...

You’re ready to prioritise YOU and you want to experience improved physical and mental health

You’re here for a quick fix – this programme is about creating lasting change

This programme is for you if…

It's not for you if...

You’ve got big health and fitness goals but little time to achieve them

You don’t have the time or energy to put a little work in. Nothing changes if you change nothing

This programme is for you if...

It's not for you if...

You want to lose weight, have more energy, feel body confident, and improve how your body functions

You’re here for a quick fix – this programme is about creating lasting change

The Investment

Last Chance!

£54 with code 

The next group starts on 22nd JULY, so consider this your cue to invest in you!

Investing in your long-term health is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.


Got questions?

Got questions?

Got questions?

Got questions?

Got questions?

Got questions?

I’m super unfit and worried I won’t be able to keep up. Is this programme suitable for all levels?

They say if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you – but don’t worry! This programme is designed with all fitness levels in mind and we promise you, no one will get left behind. You’ve got this!

Do I need to be on a strict diet to get results?

Nope! In fact, strict is a word we’d happily chuck in the bin. With expert advice and support, you’ll be encouraged to make small sustainable habit changes that feel really good – no calorie counting or hunger pains here!

I’ve tried everything to no avail. What makes this programme different?

This programme is nothing like the toxic fads and quick fixes you’ve encountered before. We’re all about making small, sustainable changes that feel empowering, flexible, and fun. It’s a lifestyle change! Plus you’ll receive constant support throughout to keep you accountable and your motivation high.

Do I need any equipment?

All you need is a pair of dumbbells. We recommend a set of 5kg dumbbells for beginners.

Yes - and we can’t wait to have you! The next groups will begin:

I can’t join on JANUARY 1st but I don’t want to miss out. Can I join a later group?

This is fitness on YOUR schedule. Fitness that makes you feel good. Fitness that empowers you to achieve those goals that have felt so out-of-reach for so long.

So, what are you waiting for?! Come join us and start this life changing programme.
Are you in?


Ready to seriously transform in 6 weeks?

For less than £15 per week you can feel like YOU again, join the 6 week programme to create lasting change.